Electric Car Charging in garages or on driveways

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Tesla charging allows you to charge wherever you normally park – overnight at home, during the day at your workplace, or around the city.

Home Charging

Tesla recommends using home or workplace charging to serve most of your charging needs.

A Tesla Wall Connector offers the fastest charging speed for home charging. Wall Connectors are available with either an 8.5’ or 24’ cable length. You can purchase a Tesla Wall Connector at any Tesla Service Center or online in the Tesla Shop.

Learn more about charging at home.

Public Charging

When away from home, Tesla Superchargers and Destination Charging networks have you covered. You can locate Tesla charging stations through your touchscreen, via navigation and on the Tesla Find Us map.

Supercharger stations are placed on well-traveled routes and dense urban centers, allowing your car to charge to 80% in about 30 minutes. Located near helpful amenities like coffee shops and travel plazas, Superchargers are designed to charge quickly and get you back on the road.

Tesla’s Destination Charging network allows you to charge at thousands of convenient charging locations like local shopping centers, parking garages, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality locations.

Find a Destination Charger or Supercharger near you.

If you plan on using chargers outside of the Tesla Network, keep the included J-1772 adapter in your car to expand your charging options.

Trip Planner

Your Tesla has built-in Trip Planner which will seamlessly route you to your end destination, automatically taking into account Supercharging stops, if required. Trip Planner tool can be accessed through your touchscreen by simply typing your destination and selecting “Navigate”.